Why You Need A Digital Marketing For Business?

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Some of the people have this question that why they need digital marketing for business whether it’s your business or your client business. why we don’t use other marketing strategies?

In 2012 One of my friend started a business a local Clothing store. He wanted to do marketing His business. He first spent His money on Advertising in newspapers Which is cost him very Expensive

But he is a very old minded guy he don’t know about the online world and don't know the importance of digital marketing for business.

But he spends his money on advertising in a newspaper and he thinks that He will get lots of customers throw newspaper ads.

But some days He get costumer from his local clothing store and Then he just don’t spend his money on expensive newspaper ads then suddenly their local clothing store don’t get many costumers. He thinks and He again spends his money on newspaper ads But he also gets the same result.

I give Him an idea that you need to do digital marketing for your business but he doesn’t understand it and then suddenly after a few months.

He came to me and said I spend lots of money on newspaper ads But didn’t get many customers that I imagine and my ROI is very low and then he agrees to my digital marketing business plan that I created for Him.

Then I put Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Google ads, campaign for his local clothing store. Then after a year, he realized that digital marketing for new business is a great opportunity to Get the Best ROI [Return on Investment].

So you wanna ask me but what I learn from this story?

Well, let’s Understand what you learn from this story.

High ROI [Return on investment]

What you want for your business a high ROI or a Low ROI? obviously, everyone wants a High ROI for their business. In Todays Times no one can give you a better ROI than digital marketing.

Marketing for new business is quite hard But with a digital marketing business plan you can just put some of the campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, google other. This is quite easy as compared to normal marketing.

But Keep in mind this is not just an easy game you also wanted to make sure that if these ads give me the best result. you want to target some of the target audience of your so you spend your money on your right audience.

There are several options online ads can give you for target specific audiences such as choose ages, Interests of your audience and etc. But this is quite good as compared to newspaper ads that you just don’t know where are your target audience is and you just target a mixed audience that are not relevant to your business. Digital marketing for businesses is a great way to target a specific audience that is relevant to your business.


There are several ways that digital marketing for business is a very beneficial option and as you know almost all the business is going online specially in COVID 19. where everyone is in their home and many small businesses have been shut down.

But some of the smart small business owners who shut down their store and but sell their product online then after that they don’t need some store they are just permanently working from home because they make more money online.

So why are you waiting for? whether you have a job or small business. if you have a job and you wanted to do business also. so start an online business for your side income.there many businesses out there who don’t need much amount of time if you do it in the right way.

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